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Our 4th Annual Symposium is Almost Here!!!

Our Annual Symposium which  is a gathering of parents, teachers, stakeholders, school owners, tutors and teachers aimed at having a solutions based conversation around the theme for the year is almost here.

This year we will be exploring the theme: ‘Mitigating Financial Obligations’

The goal of this conversation is to help all participants, especially parents and schools to find ways to make Inclusive Education financially accessible for every budget.

We look forward to having an amazing time.

The event is free to attend, but registration is required for logistical purposes.

To register, click here



4th Annual Symposium ImageMainstreaming Children With Cerebral Palsy 5

Our Signature Training for School owners, Parents, Teachers and Home Tutors is back!  You asked and we liatened.

On  January 4th 2020, we will host our 5th Class of participants at the Mainstreaming Children with Cerebral Palsy Workshop.

Participants at this work will gain the knowlege, skill and tools required to engage and teach children with Cerebral Palsy alongside their typical peers in mainstream classrooms and schools.

Parents who have attended this  workshop have left with an understanding of what to expect from a school and how to support a school to meet the needs of their child.

If you are a parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy. We especially encourage  ou to join us.

If you are a clasrrom teacher, home tutor or school owner, We look forward to  learning and sharing with you.

Click here to register.




Jan 2020 training

Mainstreaming Children With Cerebral Palsy 4

By popular and insistent demand, our signature workshop for parents, educators, classroom teachers and home tutors is back. This workshop aims to provide participants with the required knowledge and skills to effective engage and teach children with Cerebral Palsy in Mainstream classrooms.

If you are a parent of a child with Cerebral Palsy, I especially enjoin you to join us.

To register to attend the training, Click Here


Teacher Training 4 

                          Small Business Training For Cerebral Palsy Parents

In the course of our work, we have found that the demands of the daily care for a child with Cerebral Palsy necessitates that one parent, usually the mother become a full time carer, and hence, they are unable to hold down traditional 9-5 jobs.

In a lot of cases in the Nigerian context, a lot of  these mothers have also become single parents as fathers either deny paternity of the child with Cerebral Palsy and refuse to play any part in the care of the said child.

As  a result,a lot of parents have to double as parents and small business owners.

This unprepared foray into running a business comes with it’s own challenges as many of these parents are not equipped with the understanding of basic business finance and neither do the have access to capital or  understand how to grow their businesses.

The businesses therefore struggle to thrive which means that the child in question will have unmet medical and other care needs.

In collaboration with the Initiative For National Growth, we are a running a small pilot Small Business Training for Parents raising children with Cerebral Palsy who have existing small businesses and need to grow.

The Initiative for National Growth will be providing small grants to the selected participants to  help them scale their businesses.

We look forward to the difference that this will make in the lives of the children.


Parent Empowerment                                    

                                       3rd Annual Symposium 

Our Third Annual Symposium was full of many learning and sharing moments just like we had expected it to be.

Our Speakers delivered on their topics excellently and the hive of questions that came after was proof the our speakers did give the participants a lot to chew on and think about.

The participants were also introduced to the Mavis Talking Books by Mavis Education, a tool that makes basic education accessible to  every child irrespective of location.

We had participants come in From Enugu, Ogbomoso, Ibadan and other parts of Lagos to be part of the day.  The event  had a cumulative approval rating of 85% which showed that the event met its objectives.

Behold a few pictures from the event.




3rd Annual Symposium

Our Third annual symposium is almost here. The countdown has begun. We look forward to hosting parents, teachers and Educators as we discuss the theme: The Support Staff Conundrum.

You should join us.

Attendance is free but registration is required.

To sign up, Click Here





Mainstreaming Children With Cerebral Palsy 3

Our Third class of the Mainstreaming Children with Cerebral Palsy Workshop was an absolute success. We all had a great time learning and sharing together. Here are a few pictures from the event:


2nd Annual Symposium

Our Second Annual Symposium  held on the 24th March 2018,  It was themed ‘Achieving Inclusive Mainstream Education for Children with Cerebral Palsy: The Parent-Teacher Collaboration. Here are a few pictures from the event.


Mainstreaming Children With Cerebral Palsy 2

Our Second Class of Teachers Training was so beautiful. The mix of participants made for an exciting and engaging conversation. Behold a few pictures.




Mainstreaming Children With Cerebral Palsy 1

Our First Class of teacher’s training was an absolute hit! Over 15 participants and from at least 4 schools were represented. Some parents even showed up.  The more we equip teachers and school owners, the quicker we can increase access to inclusive education for our children with Cerebral Palsy



Our First Teachers Training 

As we continue to work, we have realized that one of the biggest problems limiting the access of Children with Cerebral Palsy to Mainstream Education is that teachers lack the required knowledge and skill to admit, engage and teach children with  Cerebral Palsy in their classrooms.

We decided to do something to change that

On September 2nd 2017, The Let CP Kids Learn Project in collaboration with The Learning Craft, will hold it’s first training for teachers, tutors, school owners and educators with a goal to equip them with the required skill and knowledge to admit and engage children with Cerebral Palsy in their classrooms

See details in the flyer below:





Project Launch

The Let CP Kids Learn Project launched officially on the 25th of March 2017. The event aimed to establish that all children can learn and should be allowed to access mainstream classrooms and curriculums. Here are some pictures and  videos  from the events






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