The Let Cerebral Palsy Kids Learn Foundation was born out of a desire to change the prevalent narrative about the intellectual capabilities of Children with Cerebral Palsy in Nigeria.

Our Vision

A Nigeria where children with Cerebral palsy are offered inclusive mainstream education as a first option, as a right, and not as the exception that currently exists.

Our Mission

  • Changing public perception about the intellectual capabilities of Children with Cerebral Palsy through public enlightenment programmes.
  • Encouraging and supporting parents to raise their children with Cerebral palsy in their own homes and communities, including educating them in mainstream schools.
  • Providing Support to Parents in the Management of Cerebral Palsy using a robust referral system
  • Providing support to teachers, tutors and schools to enable them enrol, engage and support children with Cerebral palsy in mainstream classrooms
  • Providing trainings and support materials to both families and teachers to help them understand Cerebral Palsy and ways to teach children with the condition.

Our Core Values

The principles that guide our organization are as follows:

We are:

Listening :  We pride ourselves on our ability and willingness to actively listen to all our clients, putting their goals at the centre of all interactions.

Empathetic: We are an empathetic organization. We embody our clients’ realities in designing our solutions. Our Solutions are always client driven

Accountable: We are an accountable organization to our clients, partners, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Reliable: We hold ourselves to a high standard of reliability. We go over and beyond to fulfil our promises.

Nurturing: Every client, becomes family. We invest a lot into building and nurturing relationships with all our stakeholders.