Our Team


                                             Rhoda Odigboh, Board Member


                                          Mrs Yinka Ogunde- Board Member


                                   Mr Rotimi Eyitayo- Board Member



                                       Dr. Oluyemi Ajayi, Board Member and Trustee

Dr. Oluyemi Ajayi is an Internal Medicine physician practicing in the United States.

Cerebral Palsy is personal for him, having grown up with a younger sister with this condition.

He has first hand knowledge of the challenges families face in the care of children with this disorder, having been involved in helping his mom with physical therapy exercises for his baby sister.

He also knows the benefits of a good mainstream education for children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, whose education is often neglected. His sister went on to be an attorney and an author.

This informs and drives his dedication and commitment to helping families navigate the waters involved in caring for these children, and helping them get a good education, which in turn, enables and empowers them to be productive members of society. 


          Tobiloba Ajayi – Chief Responsibility Officer

Tobiloba is a three time published author who believes so much in the power of words- written or spoken, to change the world.

She studied law and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2008. She also holds a Masters degree in International Law from the University Of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.

She has spent her career working with various NGO’s in Nigeria and beyond improving the lives of others.

She is particularly interested in helping people living with disabilities- with a special focus on Cerebral Palsy rise above their limitations to live excellent lives while telling the complete story of what is possible even with a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis.

The reason for this is personal. She was born with cerebral palsy and has risen above her limitations to continue to chase her dreams.

This, she maintains was made possible largely because of her access to Education that was inclusive.

To this end, she officially initiated the ‘Let CP Kids Learn’ Project (now The Let Cerebral Palsy Kids Learn Foundation) to promote inclusive mainstream education for children with Cerebral Palsy in Nigeria in March 2017.


Anifat Sadu- Administrative Assistant
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